6 Tips for success at WordCamp Fayetteville ‘15

Whether WordCamp Fayetteville 2015 is your first WordCamp ever or you’re a pro Wordcamper, it’s always good to talk about how to get the most out of your experience.

We’ll give tips later for prepping for this specific WordCamp, including stuff you need to bring or do a few days in advance. But today, let’s talk about tips for success while you’re actually at WordCamp.

  • Be prepared to network-bring business cards and practice your elevator speech. Don’t have one or either of those? Get them! Even if you’re a hobby blogger, it’s great to have a way to share your name and contact information. You’ll meet a lot of new people at WordCamp and it’s great to keep in touch after it’s all done. Are you an introvert? Don’t worry. I’d venture to say most people there fall into that category. We’ll have a blog to help introverts prepare soon, by the way.
  • Remember this is a community-based event and asking for help (or giving it) is totally cool-the WordPress community is fantastic about helping each other. Even the most experienced users can learn something new and they’re great at helping newbies. Feel free to ask speakers or other attendees for help.
  • Feel free to be casual-ever been to a conference where everyone was in business casual or worse, suit and tie? That’s not WordCamp. Seriously, even if you’re representing a company feel free to come comfortable. Most people wear shorts (but keep in mind most conference venues are freakishly cold even in the summer so bring a sweater). Be modest, be comfy, be ready to have fun.
  • Remember you’re not married to your schedule or track-We offer a schedule with well-defined tracks so you can plan ahead a little bit. But don’t feel like you have to stick to your schedule and if you attend a session that isn’t what you thought it would be, it’s OK to slip out! Believe it or not, we also encourage people to not feel like they have to attend a session in every single timeslot. Need time to process or network (or catch time to yourself)? It really is OK to skip a session. Most speakers Tweet out links to their slides later so you can catch up.
  • Use the hashtag-We’re sharing stuff on the hashtag already and on the day of the event, you can keep up with sessions you’re not attending by following the hashtag. You can also share post-WordCamp thoughts after you get home.
  • Don’t be a loner-WordCamps are a success because people network and share their experiences. We encourage you to not eat lunch alone, and to attend the after parties and the Jam Session.

What other tips do you have for success during WordCamp Fayetteville?

7 thoughts on “6 Tips for success at WordCamp Fayetteville ‘15

  1. Bring a tote bag or backpack of some kind, even if that’s not usually your style. There’s swag, you can collect lots of business cards, and some people even have handouts. You’ll probably want to take notes, whether virtually or on paper, and you may want to bring a camera besides your phone. Whatever you’re carrying, you’ll get tired of it if you don’t have something to stuff it all into.

    1. Definitely true Rebecca! If you think of other must bring items we can make sure to get those in the “prep ahead” blog. Another thing to remember that day is to bring a water bottle.

      1. I have all these wonderful e mails coming in about Word Camp. My feelings are scared, excited and overwhelmed as I move out of my comfort zone into an area I know nothing about. This a learning journey and I am going in not knowing very much about blogging. I have taken a blogging class through Eureka Springs Writing school. I am 70 and I work a lot of hours.
        I am just intimidated.

        1. Carolyn, We think it’s great you are reaching out and are attending WordCamp! Try not to be intimidated but we know new things are always a little rough. Feel free to always ask questions and we’re here to help. Welcome!

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