Sponsor Spotlight: GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy is one of the top web hosting companies in the nation, if not in the world. They are definitely the top shop for domain registration. They provide professional email addresses, too.

And while their Website Builder may not be the best option for creating a website, they offer WordPress hosting at an unbeatable price.

GoDaddy Pro is for agencies, designers, and developers. Here’s what you get with Pro that you won’t find in the ordinary GoDaddy plans:

  • Client Access Tools
    Get secure admin access to client sites without password sharing
  • Site Monitoring
    GoDaddy Pro lets you know if there are ever any issues with uptime or site speed.
  • Simplified Shopping
    Fill a shopping cart for your client and email it directly to the client so they can checkout without confusion.
  • Pros-Only Support
    It’s your livelihood, so GoDaddy Pro gives you faster service and support.

You’ll get discounts, too, and they even promise you hugs. Not many hosting options offer that.

That list of benefits probably reminded you of some of the more frustrating moments in your career if you’re a WordPress pro, and signing up could bring a great sigh of relief. We’re expecting a GoDaddy rep at WordCamp, so stop by their table and see if GoDaddy Pro is for you.

Hey — it’s WordPress Month in the GoDaddy Garage, so go get some knowledge when you check out their Pro package!