An introvert’s guide to attending WordCamp

WordCamp Fayetteville is an excellent opportunity to meet new people. At the conference, everyone you will meet shares a common interest with you: WordPress. Knowing this may help you to feel less apprehensive if you tend to be introverted. It also helps to know that the WordPress community is a friendly and welcoming group of people. Still, it can be intimidating to enter a large room full of people whom you may not know.

Here are five tips to help you feel comfortable at WordCamp:

  • Plan your response to questions you will likely be asked, such as: “What do you do?,” “Why did you choose to come to WordCamp?” and other relevant questions. That way, you will not be at a loss for words when talking to someone you just met.
  • Be familiar with the list of speakers. Decide which topics interest you the most. Then make it a point to introduce yourself to the speakers who will present those topics. Set a goal to meet at least three speakers. If you know about a speaker’s work and you admire what they are doing, tell them!
  • If you already know a few people who are attending WordCamp, try not to limit your interaction with only them. Get out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone that you notice is standing alone. Chances are, that person is also introverted and will appreciate meeting you!
  • During lunch, sit with a few people that you don’t know. You can talk about the morning sessions and what you look forward to hearing in the afternoon.
  • Remember to have fun! WordCamp is a casual event, so relax and enjoy meeting people that share your interests.

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