(Updated) Preparing for WordCamp Fayetteville 2015 (including what you need to do now)

Remember when you went to summer camp and your mom had a list of things to pack? We have our own list but we promise we won’t send it to your mom. We thought we’d give you a few suggestions on how to make sure you’re ready for a great WordCamp Fayetteville experience.

What you need to do immediately (OK, sometime early this week)

  • Sign up for a Twitter handle and follow our account (@WCFay). Already have a Twitter handle? Great! Start watching and using the #WCFay hashtag. You can keep track of what’s going on through watching the hashtag.
  • Make sure you have business cards printed if you want to bring them. This is useful even if you have a personal blog.
  • Make sure you have your website ready to work on at WordCamp-Purchasing a URL and hosting can take a few days to get it up and going so do it now. If you already have a site, great! Review your site and decide what specific questions or problems you might want to ask during WordCamp Fayetteville.
  • Review the schedule to determine which sessions you want to attend. You aren’t married to the track you signed up for so go where you think best serves your needs.
  • Skim through our blog to get familiar with sponsors and learn a few tips about making your experience a success. We even wrote a blog about how to manage WordCamp when you’re an introvert.
  • Grab a badge and add it to your social media and blog/website

The night before WordCamp (this would technically be Thursday)

  • Review the schedule again to make sure nothing has changed.
  • Get a good night’s rest. This includes Friday night as well. WordCamps are fun, but they are an intense day of learning. You will want to be sharp and ready to go!
  • Review the locations and we suggest plugging them in to your GPS for later use. You should know that it’s illegal to use Internet or text while in control of your vehicle. This means even at stoplights and you don’t want that big of a ticket.
  • Pack a bag with a few essentials:

-Cash or debit card for parking (the Harmon Parking garage should be free but anywhere on the Fayetteville Square of Dickson Street requires paid parking)

-A refillable water bottle if you don’t want to carry cups all day

-Note-taking device (notebooks, computer, extra pens, etc.)

-Snacks to get you through the day (We will have some snacks but plan to bring your favorites)

-A light sweater. Yes, we’re serious. It’s going to be crazy hot for WordCamp outside but the conference rooms are notoriously cold.

-Business cards

A few more notes

UPDATE 7/30: Everyone will need to enter the garage from Duncan St. which is the 1st level of the garage. They can park on any level once in the garage. They will just need to take the elevator/stairs to the 6th floor which is the street level to walk to the Reynold’s Center. Allow extra time to park.

  •  Parking and traffic in Northwest Arkansas are just weird. Southbound on the Interstate is pretty much a standstill for afternoon/evening drive times so plan accordingly.
  •  We have a growing number of construction zones, including I-49. Be prepared to allow extra time if you need to use the Interstate at all.
  • We’ve mentioned this but need to say it again: it is illegal to use Internet or text while driving. In school zones, you can’t use your phone at all. Be safe and be legal.
  • The dress for all events is casual.