How to Avoid the Robot Apocalypse

How to Avoid the Robot Apocalypse

Imagine an employee who doesn’t take vacations, doesn’t need a weekend off, doesn’t require overtime, and who works 24/7/365 for no pay whatsoever!

If you’re WordPress website isn’t sharing your story, enhancing your brand, and generating leads that have a higher chance of converting to sales, then you need to attend this talk.

Your WordPress website isn’t like the robots of the apocalypse waiting to enslave humanity. They are waiting to achieve sentience to create new algorithms and plugins for you and your business!

Come learn about psychology, design, plugins and strategy so you can help stop the robot apocalypse…but really, hot to get more business from your WordPress website.

NOTE: This is NOT about SEO Robots or how to get ‘robot’ spiders to search your site.